Work Plan

Phase I: Research policy frameworks for establishment and management of proposed marine protected areas
Deliverables: Typology of nature reserve design and management for a) Israeli terrestrial and coastal reserves; b)Mediterranean Sea reserves (also called “Special Protected Areas”). Website of project.   Assessment measures: networking gains; participation in conferences; dissemination of inventory and characterizations; dissemination of typology structures

Phase II: Review of decision support tools.
Deliverables:  Toolkit for regional/local MPA design and management.  Assessment measures:  Siting proposals linked to spatially explicit management plan proposals; outreach to the public, policy makers and area users about the project

Phase III:  Use of decision support tool(s) and spatial outcomes analysis. Deliverables:  Results of spatial analysis and comparisons; summary publication of results and research project report.  Assessment measures: Identification of what accounts for differences between outcomes